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Bắn cá phá hũCumberland High School has a tradition of excellence in music, offering an extensive extracurricular Music Program. Watch the video below for a quick summary:


We have a large ensembles program that caters to students of all levels of musical experience. We offer an extensive instrumental tuition program. Students are able to learn string (including guitar and piano), brass, wood wind and percussion instruments. Our tutors are industry professionals or undertaking study at a university level. A number of our students who have been a member of the tuition and ensembles program have gone on to achieve in the top 10% of the state in Music.

Performance Opportunities

Bắn cá phá hũStudents have a number of performance opportunities to showcase their talents throughout the year, including the Term One Music Concert, Winter Band Tour, MAD, Summer Band Tour and Band Camp Concert. MAD is a two-evening concert that celebrates the creative and performing arts. Artworks, dance, drama and musical items are featured. Year 7 and 8 form a large choir and sing with the school Orchestra. Band tours bring our ensembles to our local primary schools. Our students perform a concert that highlights the exceptional musical abilities of the ensembles. Band tours allow us to forge strong links with the community and our local schools.

Instrumental Lessons

Cumberland High School offers an instrumental tuition scheme. Our tutors teach the piano and all brass, woodwind, string, percussion and band instruments. Over 35 students are involved in the instrumental scheme. Students receive a half-hour lesson each week. Lessons operate on a rotating timetable so that students do not miss the same classes each week. Lessons are $40 per half hour.

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